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3 easy ways to celebrate International Women’s Day

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Entrepreneur, farmer, and leader Emiliana Aligaesha of Kagera, Tanzania, was one of the women honored by Oxfam at an International Women's Day event in Washington, DC. Photo: Brett Eloff/Oxfam America

Here’s how you can join the effort—no plane ticket necessary.

It all started with a canceled flight. On Sunday night, I got an email from the airline—my flight to Washington, DC, was a casualty of this week’s snowstorm. So instead of helping colleagues organize an event in honor of International Women’s Day, and sharing live updates with our social networks, I’d be in Boston, observing from behind my computer screen.

International Women’s Day, March 8, is a time when the world recognizes everyday women for their accomplishments. For us at Oxfam, this time of year is a chance to raise awareness about women’s efforts to overcome poverty and injustice. Every year, people like you go join us and stand with women and girls living in poverty around the world.

So, instead of moping that I couldn’t be in DC (okay, okay, I did mope a little) I came up with this list of some the activities anyone can do to celebrate International Women’s Day—no plane ticket needed.

Share a story

Have you heard of Nadene Brunk of Richmond, Virginia? She’s a midwife leading an organization that teaches midwifery skills in rural Haiti. Or how about Judy Toya, a potter from Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico, who teaches young people about the importance of education and respect for their earth?

They’re just two of the incredible women honored by people like you for making a difference in the fight against poverty, hunger, and injustice. If you know an inspiring woman who is doing the same, share her story with our community in honor of International Women’s Day. By highlighting women leaders acting locally and helping globally, we’re showing that their actions matter—and sending a powerful message about the role of women as a force for change. Share your story here.

Tweet at your Members of Congress

While preparing for International Women’s Day, our team found this fact that has stuck with me: If women farmers had the same access to resources that men do, the number of hungry people in the world could be reduced by up to 150 million. That’s why we’re pushing for greater investments in effective aid programs like Feed the Future and the Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, which help farmers—especially women—access the tools they need to feed themselves, their children, and their communities. You can help us get this message to your representatives in Congress with just 140 characters! All the tools you need are right here:

Not on Twitter? Don’t worry, you can still send a message to your Members of Congress: add your name to our petition here.

Listen to incredible women musicians

Is there a better way to celebrate than with great music? Some of our music-loving Oxfam staffers have put together an International Women’s Day playlist on Spotify for just that reason. We included songs from amazing female musicians we admire, like Bonnie Raitt, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down, Nina Simone, Tegan and Sara, Fever Ray, and more. Listen, share, and enjoy on March 8 and beyond. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+