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The 9 worst chocolate ads targeting women

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It’s no secret that chocolate companies like Mars, Nestlé, and Mondelez target women with their advertisements. But when it comes to how the companies deal with women in their supply chains…it’s a mess.

Women in chocolate supply chains face, inequality, hunger, and poverty. They are often paid less than men and have less access to training and other resources that would make their lives better. When they face discrimination or abuse at work, many women have no way to complain or fight back. But companies are doing little to address these problems.

To really drive home this disconnect, here are some of the lamest, most patronizing chocolate ads that target women. Did we miss any?  Share your favorite examples in the comments section and take action to tell Mars, Mondelez, and Nestlé to shape up:

1. Remember Oreo mini-Cakesters? Yah me neither.

(Oreo mini-Cakesters, owned by Mondelez)

2. This product seems to have been named through a word-association game. “Quick say 5 words that will appeal to women. GO!”

(Skinny Cow Dreamy Clusters Candy, owned by Nestle)

3. Technically this Twix spot appears to be trying to reach men.  But never miss a chance to offend women in the process!

(Twix, Owned by Mars)

4. Wherein we show that ads can be condescending (and super awkward) in any language.

(Nestlé Grand Chocolat, owned by Nestle)

DOVE is really a repeat offender…

5. We pretend that these ads don’t make us want to hurl. We’re only human.

(Dove chocolate, owned by Mars)

6. Did you know that the smoke monster from Lost does endorsement deals…

(Dove chocolate, owned by Mars)

7. Or that he is a professionally trained dancer…

(Dove chocolate, owned by Mars)

8. Apparently he also knows how put the moves on.

(Dove chocolate, owned by Mars)


9. Presented without comment, Stories from the Sweet life…


These Dove “Chocumentaries” manage to hit nearly every cliché about women and chocolate: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+