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State Radio asks fans to donate to Oxfam via text messaging

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A few days ago, I blogged here about the incredible outpouring of support for Oxfam America’s earthquake recovery and relief work in Haiti from friends in the music industry. Artists, bands, managers, labels, radio stations and others in the business pitched in quickly to get the word out that we already had about staffers on the ground there, and that donations were needed to make sure we could use all resources possible to get working on delivering clean water and assessing sanitation issues quickly.

I’m pleased to see that the support hasn’t waned a bit since then. In fact, interest in our work with musicians related to Haiti relief has actually become a point of interest, as the media has started to look for interesting angles to keep their viewers, readers, and listeners tuned-in. I did a handful of interviews with radio stations this week, and every single host had heard about our work first through a musical artist that they were fans of. Proof that our alliances with folks like Chris Martin and Coldplay, who pledged money and support to our relief work in Haiti early-on is extremely meaningful.

And speaking of music artists and donations, State Radio are actually stopping their shows on their current tour to encourage fans to get their cellphones out to text the word OXFAM to 25383 to make a one-time $10 donation to Oxfam’s Haiti Response Fund.

State Radio's Chad Stokes (left) and ----. Photo by Jessica Erickson/Oxfam America.
State Radio's Chad Stokes and Sybil Gallagher from Calling All Crows, State Radio's charitable organization. Photo by Jessica Erickson/Oxfam America.

Need further encouragement to do the same yourself? Hear it directly from State Radio’s Chad Stokes.

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