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Radiohead (and fans) for Haiti

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Artist Kii Arens created custom artwork for the DVD.
Kii Arens created custom artwork for the DVD.

As last week marked the one year anniversary of the devastating earthquake that threw Haiti into turmoil, it’s especially encouraging to me to see that Oxfam’s friends and supporters from the world of music continue to help raise funds and awareness about our recovery work there

One such project is Radiohead For Haiti, a completely fan-sourced DVD document of Radiohead’s Oxfam America benefit concert in Los Angeles on January 24, 2010. The video is comprised of footage from 14 different people who were in the crowd that evening, each of whom captured bits and pieces of the concert on a variety of devices, from Flip cams to semi-professional video recorders. The project was curated over the internet through Radiohead message boards and email, and then painstakingly edited together over the course of nine months.

Once the DVD was completed, the video-makers contacted Radiohead’s management for permission to release the project to the public. The band granted their official blessing, with the proviso that downloaders and viewers should be encouraged to donate to Oxfam America’s Haiti Relief and Recovery Fund at (using the same kind of pay-what-you-want approach that marked the band’s landmark release of the album In Rainbows in 2007). And fans have stepped up: since the film’s release on Christmas Eve, they have donated over $16,000 to support Oxfam’s work in Haiti. 

 If you’ve got a bit of spare time and some decent speakers, you can watch a streaming version of the video below, or go here to download your own copy of the DVD: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+