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Progress made on climate deal

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We have good news to report.

Governments made significant progress at the international climate negotiations in Cancun, Mexico last week when they agreed to establish a global climate fund. While falling short of the emissions cuts needed, the negotiators took critical steps toward achieving real emissions reductions.

The deal also moves the world closer to a global agreement that will help direct resources towards the millions of poor people who already struggle to survive the effects of climate change.

Twenty-five of Oxfam’s best and brightest traveled to Cancun to spend two weeks campaigning for a global climate fund. We sent policy advisors to review and influence the text of the agreement, press officers to help reporters tell the story, and campaigners — who did everything from build sand castles to fall out of life rafts — to draw attention to the challenges facing poor communities all over the world.

Our crew of staffers was buoyed by the support of our activists around the world who called for the establishment of the fund (3,000 in the US alone).

Thank you. And stick with us as we work to make sure that the climate fund is made up of new aid money, not money recycled out of other aid budgets.

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