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Oxfam team tweets updates from the Philippines

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No matter what you think of Twitter, you have to admit that it’s become an important way to report on what’s happening in the world. For many of us, tweets—a widely accessible, simple, personal, and instantaneous means of communication—have provided a real-time window into everything from revolutions to natural disasters.

And Typhoon Haiyan is no exception. As Oxfam races to bring much-needed emergency assistance to thousands affected by the storm, our team members on the ground are turning to Twitter to share their photos and updates from the response. Read a sampling of their recent tweets below, and be sure to follow us at @oxfamamerica for more updates.




Donate to the Typhoon Haiyan Relief and Recovery Fund: Oxfam teams have fanned out into the hardest-hit provinces to learn where people are in the greatest need and to help launch our response to the emergency. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+