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I’m not a big fan of “days.” Flag Day. National Boss Day. Grandparents Day. After a while, they are so many days, the individual sentiments behind them start to lose meaning. And, maybe it’s just me, but I’d rather we remembered our country, valued our administrative staff, and told our grandparents we loved them all year long.

So, when a co-worker mentioned that today was World Humanitarian Day, my first thought was, “Oh, God, not another one.” But then I watched this video from the UN. It explains what it means to be a humanitarian aid worker, from the points of view of the people who do the work as well as the communities they help.

I was struck by the simplicity of it. And the warmth. These are people, like those I know and like at Oxfam, who go to dangerous places to confront terrible conflicts, disasters, and diseases. And they carry out their work with energy, mercy, empathy, and incredible smarts.

Take a minute (or four) to watch the video. Be sure to hang on ’til 4:19 when a ridiculously cute Rwandan baby nearly steals the show.

If you’re moved by what you see, learn more about the humanitarian work Oxfam does. Right now, we’re ramping up our efforts in Pakistan, where we aim to reach 1 million flood survivors with clean water, sanitation facilities, and other essential aid.

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