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New photo gallery: Tackling the Millenium Development Goals

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Photo: Atul Loke / Panos for Oxfam America
Photo: Atul Loke / Panos for Oxfam America

Things have been a bit hectic here over the last week or so as Oxfam responds to the massive floods in Pakistan. But even when disasters are happening, we also have to think about the bigger issues–and seize our opportunities to take action.

President Obama recently released a US plan to address the Millennium Development Goals, a set of global targets for reducing world hunger, improving health, and tackling poverty by 2015. But this plan is only a stepping stone. What we really need at the UN MDG Summit in September is for Obama to present America’s first-ever Global Development Strategy, which will be a crucial tool to for the US to lead the fight against global poverty.

What can you do to help? Check out our new photo gallery on Facebook, where we’ve posted eight photos from Oxfam’s work around the world–one for each of the Millenium Development Goals, like Global Partnerships (above).  Make sure to hit the trusty “like” button and share the photos, then take action to tell President Obama that we are waiting for a Global Development Strategy. Oxfam will then present the pictures and names at the UN Summit in September. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+