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Nations vote in favor of Arms Trade Treaty—why it matters

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Huge news coming out of the UN today: this morning, delegates from 154 nations voted to adopt the first-ever international Arms Trade Treaty.

This is a historic moment. For the first time, the world has a treaty to help monitor and control the flow of arms and ammunition across borders. It’s a strong, effective treaty that will save lives and protect human rights around the world.

This momentous victory is the culmination of more than 10 years of campaigning by Oxfam and many other like-minded organizations and allies. And it’s the result of the actions of tens of thousands of Oxfam supporters like you – people who raised their voices in support of an Arms Trade Treaty, donated to fuel this work, and spread the word about this crucial issue.

For families in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria, Mali, and other countries wracked with armed conflict, the Arms Trade Treaty means a safer, brighter future. Ending armed conflict in poor communities is vital to righting the wrong of poverty, which is why Oxfam has been working to pass this treaty for more than a decade.

President Obama and his administration played an important leadership role to ensure the adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty. Join us and send a message thanking them now. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+