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Marco Arana, TIME Hero of the Environment

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Father Marco Arana. Photo by Jessica Erickson/Oxfam America
Father Marco Arana of Peru. Photo by Jessica Erickson/Oxfam America.

 Over the past few years I have written several pieces (on this blog and in our magazine) about Father Marco Arana of Cajamarca, Peru. He’s one of about 30 people who TIME says are making a difference and is part of their “Heroes of the Environment” special section in the magazine this week.

Arana’s critics in Peru paint him as a radical, but I was pleased to see the piece on TIME’s web site by Lucien Chauvin presents him as a reasonable person, centering his work on basic human rights and justice.

Arana is in their activist category. Others on the list of entrepreneurs, scientists, and leaders range from the dubious (Cameron Diaz?) to the quixotic (Prince Mostapha Zaher, head of Afghanistan’s EPA). It’s an interesting collection of people, all with fascinating stories behind them.

There are many others missing I am sure, including Eloyda Mejia of Guatemala, just off the top of my head. Perhaps one of Oxfam’s Sisters on the Planet should have been included?

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