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International Arms Trade treaty video invites us to take a good look

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Sometimes people ask me why Oxfam is involved in pushing for an international Arms Trade Treaty. What’s it got to do with righting the wrong of poverty? Everything.

The massive and uncontrolled global trade in weapons causes misery and suffering beyond comprehension. Guns and ammunition in the hands of war criminals and extremists can destabilize whole regions, forcing countries to squander resources they should be spending on things that would improve people’s lives—like schools and medical clinics, clean water and roads. For poor countries that have yet to develop durable education, health, and transportation systems, armed conflict is particularly devastating. It feeds poverty.

To help you understand what the treaty is all about and why we need it now, we’ve put together the short video above. Take a good look, share it with your friends, and then tell President Obama to support a strong international Arms Trade Treaty. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+