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Haiti: the unimaginable

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Haiti after the earthquake. Reuters/Eduardo Munoz/courtesywww/
Haiti after the earthquake. Reuters/Eduardo Munoz/courtesywww/

It’s been 24 hours since the earthquake rocked the Haitian capital of Port-au-Prince. All day the pictures of a city turned to rubble—and the horror and heartbreak that means for its two million residents—have been streaming across our computer and TV screens. The news is devastating. And worse is the uncertainty about the fate of family and friends. Earlier today, René Préval, President of Haiti, said he anticipated the death toll would be “unimaginable.”

And that’s where we are tonight, confronted by a disaster too stunning to comprehend.

The outpouring of assistance Oxfam has received for its emergency relief work in Haiti has touched us deeply. We know that our supporters are feeling as we do—outraged, heartbroken, galvanized—as we witness a nation already saddled with overwhelming poverty, struggling to respond to a tragedy of these proportions.

We want to hear from you: your thoughts about what is happening in Haiti, stories you might have, or memories to share. We need these connections more than ever.

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