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Coldplay releases exclusive video for Oxfam and fans

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Did you have your photo taken by an Oxfam volunteer at a Coldplay concert this summer? Were you drawn into a compelling conversation with someone dressed as a tomato, taco, or giant banana? If so, you might just make a cameo appearance in an exclusive Coldplay tour video. The brand-new video, released today, features special tour footage shared by Coldplay as a way to say thank you to all of the fans who supported Oxfam on their recent world tour:

Here in the US, you may have caught the multiple-Grammy-winning Oxfam ambassadors as they trekked across the country on this summer’s “Mylo Xyloto” tour. Coldplay invited Oxfam America volunteers to join them at every date as a way to spread the word about Oxfam’s GROW Campaign for food justice.

Nearly 600 volunteers joined Coldplay at 28 concerts from coast to coast. Some even took the plunge and dressed up in food costumes, which served as a great conversation starter and helped draw attention to the cause. Thanks to the volunteers’ efforts, 13,000 new US supporters took Oxfam’s GROW pledge this summer. They’ll now be part of the Oxfam community, and will have the opportunity to take action against hunger and tell companies and governments to make our food system fairer for everyone. And that’s an accomplishment well worth celebrating—taco suit not required. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+