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Clean water an essential need in Pakistan

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Photo: Rebecca Wynn / Oxfam
Photo: Rebecca Wynn / Oxfam

In this recent photo from Oxfam’s relief effort in Pakistan, families draw clean drinking water from blue Oxfam water tanks at a camp for people who lost their homes in the floods. The camp is actually set up at a technical college in Nowshera, Pakistan; with millions of people displaced, many public buildings such as colleges and schools have been transformed into housing for families in need.

According to the latest reports from our Oxfam colleagues on the ground, water is one of the biggest concerns in Pakistan right now. Though it might seem a little counter-intuitive to talk about water shortages during a flood, it’s clean water that is the issue: The floods have wiped out water and sanitation systems, and people who can’t access safe drinking water face a serious risk of deadly water-borne diseases like cholera. As a result, there’s an urgent need for clean water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene supplies like soap.

Oxfam is working with our local partner organizations to provide clean water, distribute hygiene kits, and build hygienic latrines to keep families’ water sources from becoming contaminated. But with an estimated 20 million people affected by the floods, the resources available only cover a fraction of the need. You can help make sure clean water gets through by making a donation to Oxfam’s Pakistan flood relief effort. Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+