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Behind the brands: Keeping up the momentum

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Do the world’s biggest food companies really listen to their customers? Six months ago, you helped prove that they do. More than 125,000 of you joined Oxfam in our Behind the Brands campaign, an effort to hold the 10 biggest food and beverage companies accountable for the impacts of their policies on global hunger and poverty. Often, these are the companies behind the food and beverage brands that you buy every day:

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As consumers, you made your voices heard—signing petitions, spreading the word on social media, and even getting involved in events around the country. And the best part of all of this buzz is that it works! In March, your efforts persuaded Mars, Mondelez International, and Nestlé to make big changes in their policies on women’s rights and to take steps to ensure equality for women in their cocoa supply chains. That created a domino effect that motivated other big companies to do their part, improve their policies, and help fix the global food system.

Now, as our momentum is building, we’re getting ready to call on companies again, but we can’t do it without you. Beginning next week, we will call on you to join us in another Behind the Brands action. The targets and details of this campaign are top secret until October 2, but this exclusive video gives you a hint of things to come:

Just as you spoke up in March in support of women cocoa farmers, you can also help make a difference for communities affected by land grabs. Sign up at for the latest updates, and check back on October 2 to find out more about how you can join the effort! Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+