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At end of long road, clean water

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Suban-Ibrahim-Kusow-resizedGuest blog: Janna Hamilton, Media Coordinator for Oxfam, is reporting from the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya. There are an estimated 1,500 people moving in to the camp every day, and the camp is expanding to accommodate them.

Suban Ibrahim Kusow and her family moved from the outskirts of the refugee camp five nights earlier, where they had lived in a makeshift tent for two months since making the journey across the border from Somalia. Suban’s family is one of 200 that are relocating each day to a newly-cleared area of Ifo camp, known as the Ifo extension.

Oxfam is supplying clean, safe water and sanitation for people located in the outskirts as well as Ifo extension; building communal toilets, drilling wells and installing tanks, pipes, and tap stands

“I’m so happy to have water for drinking and washing, it makes everything clean and my children’s health will be OK when they drink it.”

“[In Somalia] we had no clean water, there were a lot of problems without it.”

“When my children drank the dirty water they had very bad diarrhea and vomiting, but now that we’re here they’re much better.” Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+