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An anniversary you’ve never heard of (and why it matters)

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By Meril Cullinan (@merilrc), new media specialist at Oxfam America.

Do you remember the first time you heard about GROW, Oxfam’s global campaign to build a better food system? If so, I’m really impressed. If not, welcome to the club. My job is to connect with Oxfam supporters around the country via email and online actions—so when I heard that GROW would turn two years old in June 2013, I wasn’t sure if this was something we should advertise. Would anyone want to celebrate this birthday with us?

But then I thought about our supporters and the actions you’ve taken: people who have hosted events, sent letters to world leaders, signed petitions to pressure big companies, tweeted, volunteered, called or visited their Congressional representatives, Facebooked, donated…I could go on and on. (Read more about some of these actions on Oxfam’s volunteer blog.)

I realized that this anniversary isn’t about us, or even a date on a calendar. It’s about the hundreds of thousands of people who fuel this campaign and the big goal we’re working toward: a world where everyone, no matter where they live, has enough to eat, always.

We’re taking this opportunity to celebrate and thank GROW supporters, who inspire us each day with their commitment to fighting for a fairer food system. And so, our new infographic, showing two years of actions taken by our supporters, was born. Check it out below—then share it with others and celebrate your role in this effort! (Click on the graphic to view it larger.)

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