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A Voting State of Mind

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How do you feel today as you head to the polls? Energetic? Scared? Excited? Ambivalent?

The New York Times website created a page just for today where you can choose one word to describe your current state of mind (no login required). In case your moods are prone to shifting during the course of Election Day, you can update your choice every hour. And you can also see how others are feeling as the most popular words stream by on the page. (The top choice right now: passionate.)

As for me, I selected “anxious” from the list. I was out until late last night making get out the vote calls, at which time I would have said I was alternately frustrated and elated, depending on who was on the other end of the line. But since I woke up this morning I’ve felt only a deep restlessness, a constant uncertainty in the back of my mind. I think, no matter the outcome, I just want it to be over.

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