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6 ways you inspired us in 2014

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Mariam Maussa and her daughter, Aisha, collect eggs from some of the chickens being raised by women who have formed a co-op. Maussa is the leader of the co-op. Photo: Ella Dickinson/Oxfam

Oxfam supporters are pretty incredible. Over the last year, people like you took so many actions to help end poverty and hunger.

I’m the lucky person here at Oxfam who gets to see all of the amazing things you do online to fight against injustice—all the petitions you sign, the creative social media actions you take, and more. Here are just a few of the inspiring ways you made a difference in 2014!

You shared stories about the women who inspire you.


On International Women’s Day, hundreds of you shared stories of the women who inspired you: women fighting for change, women helping their communities, women making a difference. You talked about your moms, your sisters, your daughters, your friends—and we loved reading your stories! Read a few of them here. 

You spoke out against injustice—again and again.


Part of my job is to ask Oxfam supporters online to take action. I ask a lot—and on a lot of different issues. Yet, you never cease to amaze me: when you hear about an injustice, you stand up to take action, every time. Whether it’s pushing for a reform of a bad government policy, speaking up to a big company, standing in solidarity with citizens of a community fighting for their rights—you’re ready.

This year, you fought for food aid reform, stood up for the land rights of young people in Paraguay, helped keep a lifeline open for Somali families, pushed for peace in South Sudan and in Syria, spoke up with communities in El Salvador who are fighting to keep a mine out of their country…the list goes on and on.

You spoke up to big companies.

Photo: Elena Bazini/Oxfam America

Through the Behind the Brands campaign, thousands of you stood up to big companies to help push for action on climate change and help small farmers around the world. And you were loud! Believe me: I read your tweets, your Facebook posts, your emails to us asking what else you could do to help. Your actions—online and offline—made a huge difference: General Mills and Kellogg both committed to measure, disclose, and set targets to reduce emissions throughout their supply chains.

You marched to demand change.

Photo: Coco McCabe / Oxfam America
Photo: Coco McCabe / Oxfam America

In September, hundreds of thousands of people came together in New York for the People’s Climate March—and even more people participated in solidarity events around the world. Together, we marched to call on world leaders and big companies for bold action on climate change. Check out a recap and read about new commitments from the US.

You’re changing the conversation about poverty.

Photo: Coco McCabe/Oxfam America
Photo: Coco McCabe/Oxfam America

In 2014, we felt a shift in the way people talk about hunger and poverty. We started to hear more and more people talk about power and inequality, and how we’ve got to tackle those big issues to end poverty. You’ve played a big role in that change: through hosting Oxfam America Hunger Banquet events, volunteering at concerts and in your communities, being part of the conversation on Facebook and Twitter, and so, so much more.

You gave generously—and told us why.

Photo: Pablo Tosco / Oxfam Intermón
Photo: Pablo Tosco / Oxfam Intermón

Oxfam supporters like you are generous people—we’ve always known that. This year, I read through hundreds of your reasons for why you give. (One of my best days working at Oxfam, ever.) Here are just a couple of my favorites:

“Nobody is poor or hungry by choice. I am fully aware that I was born into privilege and comfort by mere luck—the least I can do is share it.” – Emma, Minnesota

“We do what we can in our little corner of the world. But our hearts go out to so many other corners of the world. We trust Oxfam to turn our caring into empowerment.” – Steve, Illinois

“I can. I spent six weeks calculating what it would cost to feed one more person at the table, at each meal. It’s a small amount that I hope can go a long way.” – Arwa, New York

As this year wraps up, everyone here at Oxfam wants you to know: we’re so grateful for the actions you take day in and day out to fight injustice. We wouldn’t be who we are without you. Thank you. We’re looking forward to what we can achieve together in 2015! Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Google+