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First Person

Ethiopia: Walking in someone else’s shoes

Plastic shoes—slip-ons or sandals--play a central role in the lives of Ethiopia's herders. And for one traveler, they might be just what's needed for the journey ahead.

Climate change

Ethiopia travel diary, part 1: Behind the scenes

Accompanying a film crew on a not-so-glamorous shoot, we're hoping to document the fact that it's the world's poorest people--like the Borena--who are hit hardest by drought and other effects of climate change.

First Person

Opening my mind, getting uncomfortable

As I leave for a 10-day journey along the uneven roads of southern Ethiopia, I'm about to go beyond anything I've ever done before. And that's both scary and exciting.

Food, farming, and hunger

Hunger in Ethiopia

On the eve of a return visit to Ethiopia, I'm thinking about my family and the families I met there last year.