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Photo by Eva-Lotta Jansson/Oxfam America Food, farming, and hunger

In Ethiopia, irrigation brings more than water

To build the irrigation channel required not just untold hours of labor but ingenuity. How do you get tons of concrete across a raging river when the only bridge is a stretch of logs packed with dirt?

Food, farming, and hunger

In Haiti: Farmers keep fighting

Despite tremendous challenges, agriculture can play an essential role in the earthquake recovery.

Climate change

Relishing the rain in Ethiopia–when it comes

Climate change is leading to longer, hotter dry periods, shorter growing seasons, and unpredictable rainfall patterns—all of which make it harder for farmers, both experienced and just learning, to decide when to sow and cultivate their crops.

Climate change

Ethiopia: If there is no rain…

In the hardscrabble landscape of southern Ethiopia, some herders are now trying to till the soil and raise crops. But so much depends on the rain. Will it come when it's needed?

Food, farming, and hunger

A Good Oxfam Day

Progress comes in small steps in a village in Etrhiopia.