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Sights and sounds from Sudan

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Oxfam America music artist relations coordinator Bob Ferguson recently returned from his first visit to Oxfam’s programs in Darfur, Sudan.

In the first of two multimedia blogs featuring photos by Liz Lucas, Bob tells the story of his memorable encounter with a family living in the Al Salaam camp for displaced people:

Watch Part 2.

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  1.'Sarah Lehner

    Thank you for this great report! I work with the homeless in Nashville, TN through a street newspaper called The Contributor. “At the end of the day we were both looking out for eachother.” This is such a simple statement to those that believe in the human story, but soooo complex to those that really do live and breath- ‘to each his own’ ‘survival of the fittest’…. It’s my hope that organizations like Oxfam will continue showing varying perspectives on the human story!

    Thank you,
    Sarah Lehner

  2. Anna Kramer

    Thanks Sarah for your comment, and for all the good work you’re doing in your community,. That’s what I love about Bob’s story too… it gives you a different perspective on who is helping whom.


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