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Pakistan: The latest response in photos

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I just wanted to share some of the recent photos I’ve seen coming in this week from Pakistan, where more than 21 million people have been affected by the recent flooding.















Above, a young girl carries a water bottle on her head while taking refuge in a graveyard with her family in Thatta, about 62 miles from Karachi in Pakistan’s Sindh province. While international funding for the crisis has stalled in recent weeks, the number of people displaced by the floods continues to rise each day.

Photo: Jane Beesley / Oxfam
Photo: Jane Beesley / Oxfam

Oxfam and our partners have launched a rapid-relief effort to reach more than one million people with essential aid. Some of that aid takes the form of hygiene kits, like the one shown above. Each hygiene kit includes 15 bars of soap for personal use, soap for washing clothes, two towels, a cloth that can be cut into strips for sanitary protection, a plastic kettle for washing, and two buckets with lids.

Photo: Jane Beesley / Oxfam
Photo: Jane Beesley / Oxfam

Photos can also remind us that the everyday actions of life have to go on, even in times of great upheaval. Gul Bibi (in red), Feroza Khatoon (in orange), and Muradan (in blue) wash clothes in a camp for displaced people set up at Haj Faith Muhammad High School, Shikarpur District. In many of these camps, Oxfam is helping to make sure people have the water they need for drinking and washing: trucking in chlorinated water; digging and clearing wells; installing water tanks, and building tap stands. You can donate here to support our efforts.

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