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Lying down to stand up

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cc ohk

I just wanted to share this cool photo that my colleague Vicky Rateau sent around via email the other day—it shows student volunteers for one of our sister Oxfam affiliates, Oxfam Hong Kong, lying down in the streets of Causeway Bay to draw attention to the human consequences of climate change.

I’m not sure if they’re spelling out a specific character or symbol (anyone know?) but it’s still a pretty powerful demonstration of commitment. According to the website for their campaign, Every Little Help Counts, the young activists kept it up even during a typhoon signal and a “very hot weather warning.” 

“I am here today because I do care about the environment. Climate change is affecting human life and so many farmers around the world,” said Sophie, one of the students who took part in the action.

I especially like this image because it reminds me of attention-getting events organized by our Oxfam America volunteers here in the US, like last year’s Walk for climate justice. It’s inspiring to think that like-minded people on the other side of the world share the same dedication.

And hey, if you see a bunch of people lying down in the streets of Manhattan during the next big UN climate meeting in September—now you’ll know what it is they’re doing.

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  1. Anna Kramer

    Thanks Monica! That would make sense, given that their campaign aims to reduce people’s carbon emissions.


    Yes, the Chinese character means “Less”.

    The street stunt was designed to promote our newly-launched “Less CO2 Less Poverty” campaign.

    we encourage members of the public to support by –
    – Create a little card to share personal tips to stop harming start helping
    – Sign up online petition calling on HKSAR government and world leaders to come up with effective policies which help poor people fight climate change


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