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Voices, video, and photos from Oxfam's fight against poverty

Lacking roads and vehicles, residents of San Juan de Miraflores carry everything they need for their homes up the mountainsides on foot. Photo: Elizabeth Stevens / Oxfam America First Person

A precarious life

On a Peruvian mountainside, local people face down danger with knowledge, solidarity, and grit.

Kofi Bosque Hamilton joins others from Oxfam America at a rally outside the Boston State House in support of Syrian refugees. Photo: Coco McCabe / Oxfam America Featured

In a world that feels so broken, is it crazy to still have hope?

It’s been a tough few weeks. I’m trying to remember when the storm clouds started gathering. When people at work started to look tired, like they hadn’t slept, or would rather go back to bed. Was it Orlando? Jo Cox’s murder? Brexit? Bangladesh, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia?


Remembering Jo Cox: a fearless, authentic fighter for justice

Today would have been Jo Cox’s 42nd birthday. A few days after her devastating death, we are gathering around the world, from London to Washington to Aleppo to Darayya, to celebrate Jo's life, her warmth, love, passion, flair, and her belief in the humanity of every person in every place.

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