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Mayra Dittman (R) helps Juanita Gilbert walk to the restroom at an Adult Day Health Care Center in Novato, California. The mean hourly wage of personal care aides is slightly over $10; the occupation is nearly 90 percent female. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Economic well-being

Another day, another 79 cents

On Equal Pay Day (April 12th), consider the gender wage gap. When my mom is angry, she says she’d like to spit nickels. Given women’s wages, however, she can’t afford to…

Ilwad Elman and her mother, Fartuun Adan, accept an Oxfam Right the Wrong award. “We believe everyone’s life is important,” says Adan. Photo Credit: Keith Lane/ Oxfam America Featured

“I fear for my mother every day”

On International Women’s Day, we honored three women whose commitment to peace and justice is unwavering, even in the face of violence.

Meas Sopheap can look at her Facebook page on her mobile phone.  Photo by Chris Hufstader/Oxfam America Featured

A farmer declares victory

On International Women’s Day, female farmers of Cambodia are building a movement, and one reaches a milestone for her family.

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