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Voices, video, and photos from Oxfam's fight against poverty

An Oxfam volunteer at the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee. Photo: Bob Ferguson/Oxfam America Featured

Hey #StopKony fans, over here!

You don’t have to lose your passion or enthusiasm over the closing of Invisible Children. You can redirect it to where it’s needed most.

Mariam Maussa and her daughter, Aisha, collect eggs from some of the chickens being raised by women who have formed a co-op. Maussa is the leader of the co-op. Photo: Ella Dickinson/Oxfam Climate change

6 ways you inspired us in 2014

Oxfam supporters are pretty incredible. Over the last year, people like you took so many actions to help end poverty and hunger.

Community health volunteers in Clara Town, a township north of Monrovia, Liberia, are  going door to door to help fight Ebola.  Photo: Pablo Tosco/Oxfam Climate change

5 things to be thankful for right now

Even in a year as tough as 2014, there have been a few bright moments. Here are five positive stories you helped make possible.

Photo: Coco McCabe/Oxfam America Featured

Debunking the #1 myth about hunger

From famous food writers to volunteers, we’re all on the same page: It’s time to change how we think about food and inequality.

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