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An unidentified poultry worker debones chicken at a processing plant in Montgomery, Ala. The author of this blog, José, did similar work at a Pilgrim’s plant in Alabama. He reports that he deboned 42 to 52 chickens per minute. Relentless repetitions of the same cutting motion, aggravated by dull knives and awkward ergonomic design, cripple many workers with musculoskeletal disorders, including carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis. Photo by Earl Dotter / Oxfam America Economic well-being

Big poultry uses human beings like machines

The booming poultry industry in America is built on the backs of workers on the processing line; they earn low wages of diminishing value, suffer high rates of injury and illness, and have little voice or dignity in their labor.

Tala, 2, from Ghouta, near Damascus in Syria, waits as her father collects drinking water from an Oxfam supplied water tank in Zaatari camp in Jordan, which is home to around 80,000 Syrian refugees. Half of the camp's residents are under 18. Oxfam helps some 25,000 of Zaatari's residents by providing drinking water, toilets and showers, community centres, hygiene promotion and waste collection. Photo: Sam Tarling / Oxfam Featured

What does it take to spark compassion for Syria?

As Oxfam publishes its latest ‘fair share’ report on the international response to the conflict in Syria, Maya Mailer, Oxfam’s head of humanitarian policy and campaigns, reflects on the recent display of public solidarity with refugees and asks what, if anything, a single photograph can change.

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