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Voices, video, and photos from Oxfam's fight against poverty

The author fled Romania with her parents in 1985. Here she is pictured (right) at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris on her way to the US. Economic well-being

What it takes to flee

An Oxfam staffer shares her family’s escape from persecution.

Somalia-lifeline-screenshot-oxfam-america Economic well-being

Video: Somalia’s lifeline depends on you

Somali-Americans’ greatest fear isn’t that they won’t be able to find the money to support their families—it’s that US government regulations may prevent them from sending it.

Emelia Amoateng in 2007, speaking to a delegation from Oxfam America in the church in her village, Teberebie. Photo: Neil Brander/Oxfam America Natural resources and rights

My encounter with a real-life hero

I only spent a few minutes with Emelia Amoateng. But her struggle for justice made a lasting impression.

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