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celery-root-soup Featured

Celery root soup, now in season

Celery root is in season throughout the fall and winter. This easy-to-prepare and delicious soup is sure to be a crowd pleaser!

oxfam-eat-for-good-carrot-top-pesto_orig_c -web Featured

Save food by making carrot tops into pesto

This recipe, contributed by chef Mo L’Esperance of Tiburon Tavern, will turn the leafy green carrot tops you might normally throw away into a delicious pesto.

oxfam-eat-for-good-skillet-chilaquilesv2 Featured

Reduce food waste with skillet chilaquiles

This favorite recipe contributed by Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger of the Border Grill fosters creativity in the kitchen while reducing food waste

oxfam-eat-for-good-squash-blossom-risotto First Person

Go meatless with squash blossom risotto

Holly Smith’s recipe showcases delightful, mild-flavored squash blossoms. They are fun to prepare and visually stunning, and this risotto makes for a hearty vegetarian meal. Look for squash blossoms at your local farmers’ market or specialty grocer.

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