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Maura Hart

Maura Hart

Maura Hart is a a former senior press officer at Oxfam America. Based in New York, she worked with journalists to tell stories about Oxfam’s humanitarian work around the world.

Saving lives

Public radio and Oxfam story shows what’s missing from Syria crisis coverage

We see headlines about the conflict in Syria on a daily basis—but something is missing from those news stories. Most cover the violence… bombings, chemical weapons, civilian deaths. But they rarely mention the families uprooted by the conflict. For more than 1.4 million Syrians, surviving the war has meant fleeing their country. They are now […]

Saving lives

Photo of the week: Syria’s light of hope

Vigils in 20 countries remembered more than 70,000 Syrians who lost their lives and showed support for more than one million who have fled their homes.

Food, farming, and hunger

Instagramming Haiti

With a simple click, filter, and post, I could share the accomplishments of the rural Haitians we don't normally see on CNN.

First Person

The Gods of the Forest

A glimpse inside some unusual lodging in a remote region of Peru.