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John Abdulla

John Abdulla

The editor of Oxfam America’s website, John Abdulla is also in independent filmmaker and blogger who believes deeply in the power of communication to inspire positive change in the world.

Saving lives

Infographic: The cost of conflict in Syria

There are countless ways to add up the cost of conflict, but maybe none are more profound than the toll it will take on an entire generation of kids.

Saving lives

Two million refugees – and a new baby

As the number of refugees fleeing Syria passes 2 million, a new mother reflects on life in the world's second largest refugee camp.

The power of people

Back to school at the Millennium Campus Conference

Though they have vastly different backgrounds, it was encouraging to hear a general trend among these speakers towards smarter development – that is, a focus on listening and partnering with the people we are aiming to help.

Climate change

Tweet the president

Here are some suggested tweets that you can simply copy and paste into twitter or adapt as you wish.